HR information

New Hire HR information

Once you complete your Penncard, and hiring process you could have some questions about benefits, health insurance and Payroll.

Within the next three weeks you'll receive a packet in the mail regarding your benefits. If you wish to look over your Health Insurance Options, please visit: You may enroll for benefits online by using your PennKey at However, if you want to speak with someone before you enroll, you may always call 1-888-736-6236.

Regarding Paid Time Off Benefits (, if you take time off, you should request the time online at:

The request automatically comes to me, so when you make the request, please have your supervisor send me an email confirming it's ok for me to approve the request as well.

Any other benefit questions you have can probably be answered by visiting or for specific policies Both sites are easy to maneuver around by clicking on the topics listed in the upper right hand corner.

If you wish to sign up for or change your direct deposit, please visit the Penn Portal at If you look under the heading "Payroll and Tax" you will see a link to update your direct deposit. The Penn Portal is also helpful when looking for information regarding your pay, taxes, reimbursements, benefits, and so on.

As a Penn employee in the School of Medicine, you are also required to complete HIPAA Training. You may have to wait about a month before being able to access the HIPPA training because for some reason it takes awhile for our payroll system to feed information into the training site. Don't worry if you can't log on right away. You will go through Knowledgelink to access your HIPAA Education training at:

If you would like to obtain discounted trail passes or sign up for parking, you may enroll through Penn Transit and Parking Services at 3401 Walnut Street, Suite 447A. The entrance for the building is right next to Starbucks on the Walnut Street side. You can look over the discount options at:

If you have any tax questions or if you want to find out if you are eligible for a tax treaty, you should visit the Corporate Tax Office, located on the 3rd floor of the Franklin Building.

If you need to locate any buildings on a campus map, you can visit

You should be able to get your PennCard, PennKey, black key, and email account within the next few days. However, it usually takes a week or so before people can enroll for their benefits and take their HIPAA training.