Two Part Authentication

How do I use Two-Factor Authentication?

Enroll in Two-factor Authentication by visiting:

During enrollment, select your primary and backup verification methods. You can choose to:

  • Install the free Duo Mobile app(Recommended!) on your iOS or Android smartphone to receive one-touch push notifications or, when no cellular or wi-fi connect is available, generate single-use verification codes to enter into your browser.
  • Receive text messages with verification codes on a mobile phone.
  • Receive automated phone calls to a number you specify in advance.
  • Use a keychain fob to generate single-use verification codes (see your LSP for more details).
  • Print out pre-generated single-use verification codes.

Using DUO when logging into Pulse Secure VPN (instructions)

  1. Open Pulse Secure and click on the PMACS VPN connection.
  2. Enter your PMACS username and password.
  3. Verify your identity with your preferred two-factor authentication method by typing one of the options below in the Secondary Password field. Example selections are below.
    1. Mobile DUO push – Type “push”
    2. Call Phone 1 – Type “phone1”
    3. Call Phone 2 – Type “phone2”
    4. Text phone – Type “sms” (When choosing this option you will be sent passcodes to enter in the secondary password field. Please login again and type a passcode instead of sms.)